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1. Terms and Conditions

1. Courses are divided into 2 semesters. Lessons always take place on Saturday. The first semester begins on 6th January 2018 and runs until 21th April 2018. Course fees are paid for each semester separately at the start of the term.  It is not possible to take part in the course provided payment has not been made (i.e. participants must submit proof that the payment transaction has been made). You can start the course during any month of the year; on the condition that there is a free spot on the ice.

2. Two-hour trial lesson for 660 CZK or a one-hour trial lesson for 330 CZK

  • You can only take part in one trial lesson.
  • Should you decide to continue with the course, you are obliged to pay the remainder of the course fee. The cost of the trial lesson will be deducted from the fee of the course you choose.  So you pay nothing extra.
  • Payment for the trial lesson can only be made in cash; and this prior to the start of the two-hour or one-hour lesson.

3. Payment:

a) fee for the entire semester

  • includes a lump subscription fee for all classes for the semester (the price depends on the number of hours)
  • if you are absent it is not possible to return your money
  • course fees are non-transferrable
  • in case of absence, it is not possible to substitute individual lessons

Lesson- one hour long
Lesson- two hour long

b) through permanent membership

  • the permanent membership card serves as a subscription for 10 lessons (one- or two-hour lessons)
  • you only pay for the lessons you take part in
  • the permanent membership card is valid for 5 months from the date of purchases (this does not apply to December holidays or to the May-August period)
  • it is not possible to request return of payment for any reason
  • is non-transferrable
Season-ticketPrice of one lessonsPrice of season-ticket
10 Lessons- 1 hour long330 Kč3300 Kč
10 Lessons- 2 hour long660 Kč6600 Kč

4. You can make payment using one of the following methods:

  • in cash
  • New transfer is : 670100-2207129767/6210, please write your name in the payment description

5. Reimbursement of course fees:

Course fees can be reimbursed on grounds of long-term illness lasting a minimum of three weeks or more.  This can only be done upon submission of a doctor’s report that includes the dates of the start and end of the illness. The amount to be reimbursed is calculated as a percent of the amount paid.

6. Discounts:

  • 10% discount on the price of the course for the following semester for each new client to whom you recommend our course and who subsequently pays the course fee for at least one semester or buys a permanent membership card. The discount cannot be applied if the new client only takes part in a one-hour trial lesson, or a two-hour one, and will not wish to continue with the course. In the event of multiple new clients the amount of percentage discounts are added together.
  • For three-member families the third member receives a 30% discount on the cost of the course. The discount is always applied to the lowest course fee.
  • For four-member families or larger the third member receives a 30% discount; the fourth member and other further members receive a 50% discount.  The 50% discount is always applied to the lowest course fee, the 30% discount to the second lowest.

7. Lesson Schedule:

1.9.00-9.50figure skating
2.10.00-10.50 figure skating
3.11.05-12.55 (11.55-12.05 refreshing break)figure skating
4.13.05-13.55figure skating and ice hockey for children 5 -12 years old

8. Liability:

  • Each skater is responsible for him- or herself for the entire class period.  Parents or legal guardians are responsible for children.
  • Skaters are obligated to follow the trainer’s or leader’s instructions.
  • We recommend that you purchase your own accident insurance for the duration of the course.

9. Skaters will be divided into individual groups during lessons based on their abilities.  Skaters can move up to more advanced groups at any time during the season; however, only per agreement with the leader and based on the trainer’s decision. Advancement to a higher group is contingent upon free spots being available in the group.

10. In the case that a trainer for a given group is absent, the group will be assigned a substitute trainer; or its members will be divided into other groups based on performance ability.

11. It is not permissible that a parent and child skate together in one training group, i.e. for a parent to coach his/her own child. It is not possible to skate alone without a trainer’s supervision.

12. Based on the decisions of the renter of the ice skating rink, we reserve the right to change the start and stop times for individual lessons or to cancel lessons.

13. We reserve the right to change the price of course fees (at the start of the new season).

14. Mandatory hockey equipment

  • Helmet with face guard
  • Hockey skates
  • Hockey gloves or other thick gloves (i.e. ski gloves)
  • Jock-strap
  • Protective pads for elbows and knees
  • Neck guard
  • Hockey stick (not required for beginners)

Mandatory figure-skating equipment

  • Helmet (mandatory for children to 15 years )
  • Figure-skates
  • Gloves
  • Protective elbow and knee pads (at your own discretion, not necessary)