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Shedule and prices


Ice skating courses are full now.



The tuition needs to be payed by a lump for the whole semester. Prices depend on numbers of  lessons.


Lesson- one hour long
Lesson- two hour long

The second possibility is choice to subscribe of the season ticket. Season-ticket is for 10 lessons. The season- ticket is valid for a period of 5 month from the date of purchase (except from April to August ). The advantage is that you pay only the lessons you have spend.

Season-ticketPrice of one lessonsPrice of season-ticket
10 Lessons- 1 hour long330 Kč3300 Kč
10 Lessons- 2 hour long660 Kč6600 Kč

The payment can be done

  • cash
  • transfer to an account: New transfer is : 670100-2207129767/6210