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How, when and where courses are

Courses begin in September and take place on Saturday in three-hour blocks, which are divided into a 2-hour, more intensive lesson and a 1-hour, short lesson.  Both types of lessons are open to adults as well as children; beginners and advanced students.  It’s up to you which class you sign up for.  During your first visit, we will divide you up into groups based on performance and age.  The groups are led by a trainer, who will teach you.  The number of skaters in a group is roughly 10, depending on how many people show up.

You can come to class whenever.  Provided you don’t make it in September, then come to the course already in progress in November.  You can join the current class – no problem.

This is the timetable.

Where courses are:

Nikolajka Ice Ring
U Nikolajky 2214/28
150 00 Praha-Smíchov
Tel.: 733 751 118

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