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Ice Hockey & Figure Skating Courses – In English

Search Figure Scating Courses? Do you want to finally try it? Or do you want to improve your technique?

If yes, you are right! You will find here everything you need for your start with figure skating. And if you’re advanced, there are lessons for you! Into our courses attended by children and adults, men and women. You can too!

For Children For Adults

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What you should know about our courses:

  • What to Wear

    Children included on the playing teams must have a complete set of equipment that is in addition to the above. .       .. . Children and parents must… More »

  • Figure Scating Courses for Adults

    These take place in the rink in various age groups.  Students are divided up according to their age and ability.  You don’t have to worry at all about finding another… More »

  • Figure Scating Courses for Children

    If small children are just beginning, then the most suitable age is around 6.  But you do find 5-year-olds in class as well.  The youngest students generally play on the… More »

  • How, when and where courses are

    Courses begin in September and take place on Saturday in three-hour blocks, which are divided into a 2-hour, more intensive lesson and a 1-hour, short lesson.  Both types of lessons… More »